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Favorite scenes of Doctor Who 8.05 “Time Heist”
▬ The Eyebrows.

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Clara’s outfits in The Caretaker (requested by hislastval)

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i was listening to the radio and i heard the line “raggedy van” and i knew i had to adapt it for amy


Little blue box, all covered in snow,
With your raggedy man by the side of the road.
The night it had frozen out all of my hope,
So you showed me the universe, then showed me home.

And ohh…

Off to New York, autumn, brightly colored leaves
Oh, your soul was on fire, it burnt for him and me
And where we were going it was built like a lie
But as sacred as the Bible, so we didn’t question why

And ohh…

I saw it in your eyes just recently
Where the darkness goes deeper than i’ve ever seen.
And here laid the father, and here stood the son
Where the road meets the horizon for everyone, for everyone

Little blue box, won’t you take us away
From the boring old lives that we’re trying to escape,
Doctor we’ll keep on running though the years, how they’ve flown,
Just you promise me no matter what you won’t stay alone.

Clara + deep undercover with her watering can

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Amy Pond appreciation week Day 3: Favorite Relationship/Friendship

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